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Madagascar animal characters standing on each other

Dance workshop

The animals in the musical love to dance and they want you to enjoy dancing too.

Warm-up activity

Using four corners and the centre of your space, name each corner one of the characters below and Madagascar as the centre. Choose one of the areas and one of the actions below, call out to the group changing your choices each time.

Run, skip, hop, jump, dolly step, shuffle, walk, crawl

•    Alex the Lion loves performing for visitors and likes to pose, leap about and balance in different positions.
•    Gloria the Hippopotamus is a very graceful swimmer and she likes to twist and twirling in the water.
•    Marty the Zebra likes to show off and does so by galloping and trotting on his exercise bike.
•    Melman the Giraffe is not quite as acrobatic as his friends but likes to entertain visitors by being clumsy and very funny.

Activity 1

Discuss what how each character likes to move using the above. Focus on different parts of the body for the difference moves and actions they can do like jumping, wiggling, waving arms in time with the music. Play some upbeat music for example ‘Move it Move it’ and call out each character’s name for the children to free style some movements.

Activity 2

Split the group into pairs, threes etc (we recommend, the younger the age the smaller the groups). Play the music again but now they watch each other free style. Asked them to choose one move for each character in their groups and give them 10minutes to rehearse the 4 moves and if they can, dance all at the same time.

Each group will then take it in turns to show the other groups what they’ve created. Ask the watcher what they liked best about what they created.

Note: Always finish any movement/dance/exercise with a cool down.

Some examples of movements:

Alex: galloping, jumping, trotting, springing and leaping, skipping, hopping, bouncing.
Gloria: swing, dive, glide, turning, spinning, twirling and twisting.
Marty: galloping, jumping, and trotting.
Melman: waddle, wobble, and flap.

Recommended age group: 3+

Madagascar The Musical
Based on the Dreamworks Animation Motion Picture
Performed by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe) Limited
Book By Kevin Del Aguila Music & Lyrics by Geoge Noriega & Joel Someillan